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Helping to reduce global food waste at Spoiler Alert.

Selected Projects

Product Design

Smart Awarding with Logisitcs

Allow the configuration of logistics costs within the automated awarding workflow. Saving users 4 hours of time each week and 11% reduction in freight.

RouteOne.com Redesign

The following two projects are excerpts from a major Drupal redesign project that I led within the RouteOne organization.  We hired an outside development agency to help us with this project. I led this project on the RouteOne side from the beginning, starting with the business case, and RFP, all the way through project launch.  

The total length of the project was about two years starting in the fall of 2019 and launching in the fall of 2021. The size of the website was 400+ pages, the project had 300+ internal JIRA tickets and 150+ external Airtable items.

Product Design

Creating the Connection Hub, a partner-centric, filterable database for automotive dealers

The Connection Hub is a partner marketplace where dealers can shop for integrations into the RouteOne system.

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Information Architecture | User Research

Rebuilding the navigation and website structure on a 400+ page multilingual website

We had the opportunity to completely re-evaluate and improve our information architecture. Take a look at how we improved our main navigation.

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